Police: Minnetonka native set on fire by her husband

HOPKINS, Minn. - Thirty one year old Katie Cook is what a victim looks like. Because a victim of domestic abuse can be anyone, from any family, any city, any faith.

Cook's parents, Dan and Ruby, say Katie was a victim of her own relationship, a prisoner of her own marriage.

Katie is a Minnetonka native who recently moved south with her husband.

And last month, Katie was allegedly doused in gasoline and set on fire by her husband, 38-year-old Jacob Daniel Drotning, at their home in Seneca, South Carolina.

Drotning is also a Minnetonka native.

Katie's parents say the fire was the last act in a decade of domestic violence that they desperately tried to pull her out of.

"I said if you guys are arguing.If there is anything you cannot handle if you need to get away even just for a little while come home. You can come home," Katie's mom, Ruby Cook said Wednesday.

But Ruby said the more they asked Katie if she was being abused, the more she withdrew.

"Anytime Katie would try to reach out to her family he would intervene, he would pull her away,"Katie's father, Dan Cook said.

Tonight, a month after the attack, Katie is fighting to survive in a Georgia Hospital.

Third degree burns cover more than 70 percent of her body.

Jake is in jail for attempted murder.

And Katie's mother wants every parent out there who suspects their child could be in trouble to listen.

"Your adult children, you can only hold on so tight.I just want to say they are still your children.Don't give up on them and just, keep telling them you love them and that they have a place to go."

Katie is in acute-intensive care and will be for at least three months.

Last week she nearly lost her life to an infection and in the last three weeks she has had 15 surgeries.

Her road to recovery is long.

Her sister Jennifer has created a fundraising website for anyone who would like to help out.



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