Timeline to become norm for Facebook users

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Facebook continues to keep its users on their collective toes.

"They're trying to make it the destination where I would learn everything about you," says Meghan Wilker, a digital strategist and V.P. of Clockwork Media. "But it does make it more interesting to connect with people."

Some users have already switched to the"Timeline" format but soon it will become the norm.

The key feature on the new-look profile includes a chronological timeline of the user's life. It means Facebook will give you the option to fill in key dates, memories, milestones and so much more.

"Psychologically, when you look at the gap on the timeline you'll want to fill in those blanks," says Wilker. "It's encouraging you to backfill in those spaces."

And thus, more information. In other words, think twice before giving out more data.

"A lot of the changes you see Facebook making are changes to the user experience that encourage us to share more information," says Wilker. "They want to be your personal website."

Experts suggest users should check their privacy settings just as often as Facebook tweaks their layout.

"It's always good to be checking your privacy every couple of months," reminds Wilker. "It's not Facebook's job to protect your data."

Wilker also says there has been some backlash to Timeline, but as with changes in the past, eventually users will get used to the switch.


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