Minneapolis educator embracing the cold

MINNEAPOLIS - If proof is what you need to know there are some Minnesotans who actually love this sub-zero weather, look no further than Nathan Ziegler's YouTube Channel.

"I was excited when the forecast was for negative temperatures," he said. "It's just neat to see so many people enjoying what we do in the cold."

For nearly a decade, this principal at Hope Academy in Minneapolis has been freezing stuff in his backyard. The former science teacher's experiments have had about 1.5 million views in 8 years.

People have seen him freeze a t-shirt or make a bobsled out of a towel, or jump on a frozen trampoline.

His wife Tennille is usually behind the camera. She was Wednesday when she captured the moment when the Weather Channel came to do a story on her husband.

"I grew up in Oregon, so I have very thin blood," she told the network. "It's cold here."

Her husband is getting used to the attention.

"There was a news team from Germany last year that came out and did a story," he recalled.

His kids are getting used to it too, 11-year-old Zech and 8-year-old Eleison.

"It's kind of crazy having so many people here and getting ready for it," said Zech.

While they watched the Weather Channel profile their dad from inside their home, they both said they much rather be out in the elements with their dad like they were last year when he made an Igloo and watched the Olympics in it.

"They always love getting in on the fun too," he said.

Yes, this weather can be fun. This educator and his videos have at least taught us that.

"When you don't get to go outside very much, you have to find things to do out in the cold," he said.


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