Motivation Monday: The continued interest in kettlebells

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It's no secret kettlebells continue to garner attention as a way to sculpt your body, burn serious calories and gain strength.

Fitness expertChris Freytag still hears from people who are intimidated by the large cast iron cannonball but truly, kettlebells are not just athletes- many time crunched, middle age folks are finding that the "work smarter not longer" principal of kettlebell training is worth a second look. Because of kettlebell's unique functional and swinging movements that engages your total body, the workouts provides a variety of benefits including strength building - particularly core strength, boosts aerobic capacity and improves dynamic balance.

Interesting New Research: A recent study released by ACE, the American Council on Exercise, surrounding the benefits of kettlebell training over an eight-week period [on 30 participants] found that kettlebell training improves core strength by 70 percent and can boost aerobic capacity by 13 percent. (link below)

Researchers pointed out that an increase of core strength by 70 percent is a very large percent. Kettlebell training is beneficial to a large population. Both athletes and older people can benefit from kettlebell training with its ability to improve one's dynamic balance. Having improved balance can help older people avoid dangerous falls and for athletes, better dynamic balance means better ability to move quickly while doing athletic movements.

That's why Chris is involved with a new program called Kettleworx. It'sa way for fitness enthusiasts to try kettlebells in a group setting with a trainer at a club or at home using the DVD's . The choreography is put together to give you a well balance cardio ad strength workout... and the bonus is you use lots of core.

If you want to experience a free class open to the public:

Facility: Xperience Fitness
Date: Tuesday, April 23rd
Time: 9:30 AM
Address: 1555 Queens Drive?Woodbury, MN 55125


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