Celebrate 'Law Day' with 9 of the wackiest laws

May 1 is Law Day, a day set aside by the American Bar Association to "celebrate the rule of law."

In honor of this day dedicated to legalize, USA TODAY Network compiled a list of the silliest, quirkiest or most obvious state and local laws.

1. In Alabama, bear wrestling matches are prohibited.

2. Tennessee bans posting images that will "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress."

3. In Collinsville, Ill., you could pay a $300 fine for wearing sagging pants.

4. In Mississippi, you cannot teach others about polygamy.

5. You can't slit someone's nose or bite off a limb in Rhode Island.

6. In Illinois, it's illegal to have sex with a corpse.

7. In Florida, it's illegal to sell your child.

8. North Carolina banned using the latest climate change science to help plan for coastal policies and sea level rise.

9. In Boulder, Colo., llamas, burros and mules are among the animals prohibited from grazing on city property.


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