Downed plane takes tension much higher in Ukraine

MINNEAPOLIS - As the speculation escalates into who is responsible for firing the air strike that took down the Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine on Thursday, the accusations will fly between the warring factions.

"The Ukrainian Government is blaming the separatists and the separatists have said the Ukrainian Government shot it down and tried to blame it on them. We've heard this story before when two sides are trying to get an upper hand in the political conflict," foreign affairs expert and chair of the University of Minnesota Anthropology Department, William Beeman said Thursday night.

It is the blame game that Beeman believes could ignite the match to a full blown civil war.

"Something like this does absolutely nothing to bring about peace," Beeman said.

Even if the shooting down of the plane and it's innocent passengers and crew was accidental the stakes have now been raised to a point of impossible complications.

"The separatists really want to be separate and they are not going to stop until they actually achieve some kind of separatist goal," Beeman said.

And if this action gives the rebels an edge, experts say they could use it to rally for more fighting towards an end goal of secession.

But Ukraine has its identity on the line too and if it falls is the answer to the million dollar question that has now taken center stage.

"They can't stand entirely on their own and whether the ties are going to be with Europe or whether the ties are going to be with Russia is the, I think, the real burning issue in Ukraine," Beeman added.


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