Dramatic heroin OD caught on camera as Good Samaritan Law starts

Good Samaritan Law takes effect

CLEVELAND - A brand new Ohio law aimed at saving heroin overdose victims kicked in Tuesday.

It's the same day a dramatic video of a heroin addict's life being saved in Cleveland went public.

The Good Samaritan Law makes Ohio the 38th state which allows the partner or relative of a heroin overdose victim to call 9-1-1 without fear of prosecution for the caller or victim.

The caller and victim must agree to seek treatment within 30 days. The law allows for two such incidents.

Thomas Stuber is with The LACADA Way, a drug treatment facility in Lorain County. He worked to help pass the new law.

"People were deathly afraid what would happen if they got caught... People in the midst of using aren't making the best rational decisions," he said.

Sometimes parents hesitate about calling for fear of giving their child a criminal record.

Hopefully the law will reduce the number of OD victims dropped off at hospital doors.

OD victims must get help from NARCAN or other OD stopping drugs within five minutes.

Peaches Ledwidge was one of several witnesses to see an overdose victim on Cleveland's E. 55th Street Saturday.

Her response was to take photographs and pictures.

Witnesses had called 9-1-1 and thought the man in the car was dead.

"Some people were saying goodbye. Dude, it was scary. I was just thinking, what could I do? I didn't have much power to do anything... I was thinking, what's going to happen to his family?" she remembered.

Cleveland first responders arrived in time to administer OD-stopping drugs and saved the man's life, reviving him as a crowd watched and Peaches' iPhone rolled.

"We were just so happy when he came back to life. People were cheering," she said.

She is a writer who hopes to describe what she saw.

The man went to St. Vincent Charity Hospital and was not charged.

Police found heroin and a syringe in his car. He told them he shot heroin before he began driving.

The new law is designed to produce more outcomes like that one.


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