Political expert: Fiorina won GOP debate

GOP contenders spar over issues in CNN debate

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - Any time Donald Trump has the stage -- we've come to expect comments like these.

"I've never attacked you on your look, and there's plenty of subject matter right there, let me tell you," Trump said to Rand Paul.

"Oh good, more energy tonight. I like that," Trump said to Jeb Bush as the two interrupted each other.

With 10 other GOP candidates at the CNN Debate, Trump threw jabs to his right... and left including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

"When the folks of Iowa found out the true facts of the job you've done in Wisconsin, all the sudden you tanked. You were number one, now you're 6 or 7 in the polls," Trump said to Walker.

Many pundits saw this debate as Walker's last stand, as his poll numbers have dropped. Hamline University Professor David Schultz doesn't think Walker did enough to last until the Iowa Caucuses.

"I think there's a couple problems here. One, he didn't have enough face-time. which is always an issue. but two, he seemed nervous on stage," Schultz said.

While Schultz saw Walker as the night's loser -- he saw Carly Fiorina as the big winner.

She got the face-time -- and took advantage to share her stance on various issues. And she also got the longest applause when asked her reaction to Trump commenting on her looks then claiming he was misunderstood.

"I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said," Fiorina said.

"So I think Carly Fiorina did a very good job tonight projecting herself. looking like she had good calm answers. I think additionally Ben Carson, as low key as he was, did a very good job," Schultz said.

Carson has been rising in the polls - most often coming in second to Trump. With Fiorina expected to receive a bump in the numbers from her performance tonight -- that could mean the three non-politicians running for the GOP nomination have an even bigger share of support than the rest of the traditional politicians in the running.


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