Punch Pizza Gets Presidential Props

MINNEAPOLIS - For 18 years Punch Pizza has been the food crush of many Minnesotans. Now the pie has been let out the oven with presidential props.

On Tuesday night President Barack Obama used Punch Pizza as the example when he discussed raising the minimum wage.

Take out the politics and that was about as good as a Super Bowl advertisement.

"We are hoping that this rides a little bit and people start knowing about Punch Pizza," Punch manager Jenny Nyquist said Wednesday afternoon.

So why Punch for Mr. President?

He wants Congress to pass legislation to ramp up the minimum wage to just over ten bucks an hour by next year.

Punch gave him a real life example, as the company decided last month to go to a ten dollar minimum wage for its 300 employees.

"It wasn't political and it wasn't policy driven it was really strictly because we think in the long run that we are going to get better employees. We are therefore going to make better pizza and therefore be a great business," Nyquist said.

And as for the Punch faithful, well POTUS just reminded them where lunch would be served today.

The only downside was a longer wait time today.

A downside no one seemed to mind.


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