Star RB Adrian Peterson returns to Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson back with the Vikings

MINNEAPOLIS - Adrian Peterson said returning to the Vikings came down to wanting to be around his teammates and coaches again.

But from a dollars and cents perspective, it came down to leverage, or lack thereof.

"He doesn't really have any leverage. That's the thing. That's what's been puzzling about all this," said Minneapolis attorney Jeff O'Brien, who represents former Vikings Joe Kapp, Carl Eller and Tommy Kramer.

Contracts, as O'Brien knows, limit an NFL player's leverage. And O'Brien says if Adrian Peterson wants to make $12 million this year, he had no other choice but to return to the Vikings.

"There's no team that was going to pay that kind of bounty, so to speak, for Adrian Peterson at this point in his career," O'Brien said.

So there was no trade, which Peterson may have wanted at one point.

And now he's not holding out for a contract renegotiation.

"There's not a whole lot of sense to make out of this whole saga. At the end of the day, he was under contract. And it came down to what Coach Zimmer said over the weekend. He can play here or he cannot play," O'Brien said.

O'Brien blames this off-season public relations nightmare on Peterson's agent -- who he believes was pushing for a new contract in order to receive the commission.

"If I was Adrian Peterson's lawyer, I would probably advise him to go find another agent because his agent really adversely affected his personal brand," O'Brien said.

Peterson's agent Ben Dogra negotiated his 2011 contract. But Dogra has since been fired by his agency and is currently under investigation by the NFLPA.

When asked about his agent at Tuesday's news conference, Peterson said, "My agent has a job to do. And he was doing his job."


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