Vikings visit elementary school in north Minneapolis

Vikings visit school in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS - A sweet treat for students at Lucy Laney Elementary school on Tuesday when a couple of Vikings showed up during their recess.

This comes after a shooting right outside the school three weeks ago.

The principal says today is about bringing some positivity into their lives.

With cheerleaders and Vikings players, Taylor Heinicke and Anthony Harris, Lucy Laney Elementary School's playground looked like Vikings' practice, in a way it was, but for the kids it was really just plain fun.

"I'm giving them tips and their receiving it and we are having fun doing it," said Harris, a safety for the Vikings.

These are the positive memories the school's principal, Mauri Melander, hopes the kids will have forever.

"We are located right off of the Penn and Lowry intersection, we struggle with some pretty significant nugget of perceptions some of those are realistic and justified and some of those are not," said Melander.

The struggle, she says, of being located in north Minneapolis where gun violence has been an issue. Just three weeks ago a man was shot right across the street from the elementary school while kids and parents were inside, a memory she hopes the kids will replace with more positive ones of people who care about them and their future.

“We have to constantly remind the children to have fun, experience joy, experience peace and do everything we can to wrap our arms around them to say this is a place of peace, place of joy," said Melander.

More peace, more joy and more fun to outweigh the negativity.


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