Vikings are not 'pondering' a quarterback change

7:00 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Vikings coach Leslie Frazier was cool and collected, his usual self, as he answered countless questions about his second year quarterback Christian Ponder.

The latest answers were quite similar to the previous ones. "Up to this point, you know, I felt that it's been best for our team that Christian should remain our number one quarterback and I still feel that way," the coach told the assembled media.

The questions followed a tough loss to divisional border rival Green Bay.

"I think that's what Leslie Frazier really wants to project right now is a confidence in their first round draft pick, the guy who's been dubbed as the future of the franchise. (That) they are sticking with him through thick and thin and yesterday it really cost them," Associated Press sportswriter Jon Krawczynski said.

Like many other beat writers, Krawczynski wanted to learn more about the continued vote of confidence that the team has put into Ponder. He asked the coach at the podium about accountability, and why player changes may have happened at other positions after other players have, perhaps, under-performed. "That's a good question Jon. That's a good one and I've thought about that a lot," Frazier said.

The question that thousands of Vikings fans are pondering right now is if not Ponder, than who?

Joe Webb is the back-up but hasn't thrown a pass all season, which, in a way, says something about the starting quarterback's durability. "Christian Ponder cannot play worse than he did yesterday but to stick with him means that you don't have another viable alternative at quarterback," Krawczynski explained.

And so the "Monday morning quarterbacking" will continue, but many wonder if a big home game against the Bears on Sunday is Ponder's last chance.

"The Vikings really do like his maturity and they like the way he goes about his business but sooner or later, as Leslie Frazier said today, it's a results-oriented business. You can have the best attitude, you can be the smartest guy in the room, but if you're not making the plays on the field, it's not going to help the team," Krawczynski concluded.

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