Chilly opening day doesn't discourage Twins fans

4:20 PM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - There will be a day when a seat in the shade will be prized to take in a game with the boys of summer, but Monday's season opener at Target Field was not that day.

"I can check the temperature if you want," laughed Waconia's Faith Gongoll, as she logged on to her phone. "Oh, 28 degrees in Minneapolis."

Just below 30 degrees and a slight breeze forced fans to consider wind chills when they bundled up for the game.

"This is the best place to stand right now, I think," smiled Mary Stewart who leans against the limestone of the stadium to stay warm.

Sisters Britney and Lindsey have been waiting all winter for the first pitch. They came prepared for the cool weather, all decked out in dad's hunting gear.

"The coldest game, the coldest home opener, so we're going to be a part of history and that's the way it should be," said

The two are season ticket holders. They said they never considered a change of plans because of the cold.

"Two pairs of socks on, long johns jeans, two shirts, a sweatshirt and this hat, I have two pairs of gloves to wear," said Britney.

On this game day, fashion took a backseat to function.

"I'm wearing like three pairs of pants," said Gongoll. "Seriously."

Whether is was extra pants, extra hats or extra hand warmers, Minnesota Twins fans proved to be a hearty bunch.

"I just want to watch baseball. I don't really care about the cold," said one fan.

A cold start to a long season, but leave it to Twins fans to find that silver lining.

"We hope we can wear them for the October games. That's what we hope," said Stewart.

Despite the cold, it was not the coldest opener, which happened in 1962 when the high temperature for the day was 34.

The Twins attendance for Monday's home opener was 38,282.

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