Local coaches, alumni react to raging Rutgers coach

5:05 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Local coaches and Rutgers alumni said they were shocked when they watched the viral video of former Rutgers Basketball coach Mike Rice verbally abusing, shoving and throwing basketballs at his players.

Chris McLaughlin felt the same way when he heard about the video when he got to work Wednesday morning.

"I watched and I was like, 'Whoa, that guy crossed the line with that,' and I think the University handled it correctly in the end," said McLaughlin, the head of the Minnesota Rutgers Alumni Association.

In a way, he was also a little encouraged by the storyline.

"I think it's good that it's come to light," he said.

"That's a bully to me," local hoops legend Lawrence McKenzie said.

McKenzie, now a coach at 43 Hoops Academy in Hopkins tells KARE 11 he wasn't shocked when he watched the video.

"There is a lot that goes on that is unsaid and untold, but I've seen exact things like that, the pushing, balls thrown at heads. I've seen it in person," McKenzie said.

McKenzie, who played at Oklahoma and Minnesota in college, says he didn't have those experiences as a player, but he saw these kinds of outbursts in other major college gyms and he's heard the horror stories from other players.

Co-coach Jarvis Rivers, also a former Division 1 and professional player, says he was shocked at what he saw happen in Rutgers.

"Your boss can't grab your neck and choke you because you came late to work. It's absurd," Rivers said. "Talking and yelling and all that stuff, that's part of the game. That's motivation, but it's a thin line between that and the line you never cross, which is getting physical."

Thousands across the nation were wondering how this type of activity could go on, for weeks and months, without ever being reported. McKenzie says the players have a lot to lose.

"This guy might have the key to make it out there and I don't want to mess that up, so if I get pushed, you know what, I'm not going to say anything," he explained.

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