Phasketboot tournament benefits kids in need

8:06 PM, Sep 2, 2013   |    comments
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RAMSEY, Minn. - The game of football was created in 1869. The game of basketball was created in 1891. The game of ultimate Frisbee was created in 1967.

All 3 of those sports are good in their own right. But what if one sport could combine the best part of those 3 into one new sport?

Allow me to introduce you to Phasketboot.

Phasketboot was the invention of 6 Anoka High School students in 2011. Now, the sport is starting to spread, making its way around the United States, and even being played as far away as Uganda.

The original Phasketboot partners were back on the court on Monday to hold a fundraiser. They held an 8-team tournament that raised $500 for the Anoka High School Caring and Sharing fund.

Phasketboot co-creator Titus Bishop says, "At our school, there's always a need for people for school supplies, winter hats, winter coats, pay for sporting fees and we just used something we like to raise money for a good cause."

This sport came about when a group of high school students were bored, but couldn't agree on what they would do.

Co-creator Eric Glaser says, "It just kind of started up because we were basketball players and football players and we love to tackle, that's what we love about football and we love to dunk, that's what we love about basketball, so we found a way to incorporate them both into the game."

While the sport is still in its infancy, its already showing signs of growth. And these kids have big dreams for the future of Phasketboot.

Co-creator Joshua Kraemer says, "I really don't know, maybe we can make it would be pretty cool, I think, we could get a big tour bus and that'd be pretty awesome."

To learn more about Phasketboot, or to donate to their fundraising efforts, go to

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