What the London media thinks of the Vikings

6:25 PM, Sep 25, 2013   |    comments
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LONDON - The media who usually covers the Vikings back in Minnesota are here but this is an international event with plenty of international journalists.

We were curious what the London folks thought about covering American Football in their country.  We found that most of them were surprisingly enthusiastic about it.  A few are even Vikings fans.  But they admit when it comes to the average fan in London, they still don't know much about our game.

"Some love it, some hate it," Peter Carline of The Daily Mail tells KARE 11.  "It really divides opinion.  When you write an article you fenerally have someone saying why is this sport featuring on our website."

"We've got two games this year," Gur Samuel of the Pulling Linemen tells KARE 11.  "I really did not think they were going to sell out both of them.  I thought this game would sell out.  I thought the 49ers/Jaguars would not sell out.  It sold out within hours."

The team is staying at a hotel far away from the city.

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