Will Jerry Kill's coaching absence hurt recruiting?

10:29 PM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - While almost everyone agrees it is good news that Gopher Head Football Coach Jerry Kill is taking a time out to deal with his health, there is less agreement on what effect it will have, if any, on recruiting top high school football players to sign with the University of Minnesota. 

Kill is staying away from the program to get better while his assistant coaches are on the road now, as Minnesota has a bye week, to talk to top high school players. 

Athletic Director Norwood Teague says the players Kill's 19-year coaching staff are going after know the situation and are considering playing for the U because of the strength of the staff, not the questions about Kill. 

"These guys as I've said they before they recruit in a different way. They go after kids they feel like fit in here and they go after a lot of kids where they have relationships with coaches," Teague said. 

He went on to say this latest development may hammer home to the loyalty some kids have developed for Coach Kill. 

"Kids are inspired by Jerry's story and I think they will be inspired by the fact that he is taking the time to look into it in an even greater way," Teague said of Kill's decision to take time off. 

Just last week Wayzata Senior Brandon Lingen signed on to play for Coach Kill and the U next season. 

"I have no regrets, playing for the U has been my dream forever," Lingen said. 

Lingen said he is glad Kill is taking time off and he looks forward to playing for him and his staff at Minnesota next season.

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