Vikings' Edwards works towards boxing

10:34 PM, May 3, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS  --  Ray Edwards is replacing his football mask for a boxing helmet temporarily. 

The defensive end isn't waiting around for the NFL owners and the players association to divide the money pie.  Edwards is working hard to be a professional boxer, and is taking it very seriously.  What started as an alternative workout regime four years ago is now a potential alternative profession.

"I love it, I love football, I love basketball, I love boxing," said Edwards.  " Those are my three favorite sports I love.  I beat up a lot of people growing up as well so fighting is just instilled in me because of where I came from, and how I grew up and things like that.  So I've always been a fighter."

Edwards doesn't have a fight under his belt yet but his trainer, Jeff Warner, says he's a natural boxer.  But the praise doesn't stop there.

"I mean he's faster than Muhammed Ali, he hits harder than Tyson on the inside and plus he's like a Mayweather," said Warner.  "He's a combination of those three fighters, and people have never seen nothing like that.  6'5, 265 pounds, and he can move."

After four years of training, Edwards says there's nothing more he can do here and its time to get into the ring.  May 20th will be his boxing debut but that's just the beginning.  He wants the hardware, he wants the belts because he thinks that one day he can be the champ.

"Ring Magazine top heavyweight pound-for-pound champion," said Edwards.  "That's the bottom line,  I always set out to be the best in everything I do, and the sky's the limit.  And that's what I plan on doing, reaching the sky and then staying there."

"Its time to get into get the ring and fight," said Warner.  "There's a time to fight and its today."

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