High price to pay for Vikings, Packers tickets

How much are Vikings tickets?

MINNEAPOLIS - It's fitting that the stadium is named after a bank, because getting into Sunday’s game is going to cost you a pretty penny.

“Still around $250 dollars to get in the door,” said Ticket King President Michael Nowakowski. 

On the Ticket King website, nosebleed seats were going for $259 on Tuesday and second row seats costing nearly $3,700.

“It’s substantially more expensive than any Vikings-Packers ticket that we've ever had,” Nowakowski says.

Nowakowski says the demand is so high that some season ticket holders are actually willing to sell their tickets and watch the game from home.

“They're using the profit to pay a portion of their season tickets,” Nowakowski says. “We have bought a lot of tickets from people that explain that's why they're not going to the first-ever game.”

Nowakowski says to be extra careful if you plan to buy tickets this week. He says as prices go up, so does the number of people selling counterfeit tickets.

“If the deal seems too good to be true, it 100% of the time is too good to be true,” he says.

Nowakowski recommends buying tickets through businesses with some sort of storefront or online presence.

Waiting until later in the week is maybe not the best approach. Nowakowski says he doesn't see prices dipping much as we get closer to game day.

“$200 is the breaking point for a lot of people, so I can't envision it going below $200,” he says. 

Ticket King says while the average family is getting "priced out" of this game, fans should not give up hope on being able to afford a ticket later in the season.

They expect prices to be more affordable but, of course, that depends on how well the Vikings are doing on the field.


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