Perk's knee injury

I suppose I should've seen it coming. Do something you're not equipped to handle, and be willing to pay a consequence if it doesn't work out the way you'd hoped.

And so goes my latest injury suffered Saturday.

Understand upfront, the Minnesota Rollergirls are not at all to blame for the mishap.

It was my buddy Braden's fault. My clumsy awkward self is probably culpable as well.

What happened was simple. I am going to emcee the Rollergirls border battle bout on the 31st of this month, and so in preparation for the big night, I decided I'd shoot a little preview with them.

After they taught us how to bump and sustain hits while skating, we decided to try it out for ourselves. Outfitted by the fine folks at Derby 4 Life, we took to the Roy Wilkins Auditorium track.

On the first lap, Braden lowered his shoulder. The rest was a blurry mess of gangly arms and spiney legs, twisting and collapsing onto the concrete.

While falling, I realized my skate had stopped cold in its tracks, while my body hurtled forward. I crumbled into a heaping mess of pain. I assumed, having seen Ricky Rubio suffer a torn ACL the night before, that I had done the same.

While I'm thrilled to report the injury wasn't that severe. I can tell you its not good. But it looks shockingly worse than it actually is. Its good tv! And so I share it again on this blog.

Go Rollergirls!



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