Soccer fans create free, easy World Cup guide

MINNEAPOLIS — Two self-described "soccer-obsessed" fans used their design and branding skills to create a guide to all things soccer, just in time for the World Cup.

Mike Arney and Curt Baker can tell you the moment they fell in love with soccer.

"From a young age I attended Gregg Thomson's soccer camp when I was like five or six," Arney said.

For Baker it was witnessing the power of David Beckham during the 2002 World Cup. With World Cup 2014 on their minds they had another moment two months ago at happy hour.

"We decided that we wanted to do something for the World Cup and we wanted to help the cause of soccer in the U.S. and get people excited," Arney said.

Using skills from their day jobs at Little, a design and branding agency, they moonlighted their talents to develop Tap In, a free web app to help keep track of the games.

In soccer "tap in" means an easy goal. Staying true to the definition the web app is easy to use too. A quick scroll will get you to the game schedule, a swipe gets you to the team roster and highlights players to watch out for. The app works on all devices, in your time zone, and your language.

"We were proud of what we built and thought it would be great but you know there's always the unknown of if people will pick up on it," Baker said.

Users are rolling in. The creative director at ESPN digital media even tweeted at them saying "So simple. So pure. Love this handy guide." Since their launch a week ago Arney and Baker said they've had a ton of traffic.

"We upgraded our servers to account for the extra traffic that we're getting to make this site a little bit faster," Arney said.

Nearly 40 percent of their traffic is international. They hope once the games start more fans in the U.S. will tap in.


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