GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Ask just about anybody and they'll tell you they could probably stand to lose a few pounds. Finding that motivation, however, isn't so easy.

There's a new trend of people wagering on their weight loss and we decided to put the idea to the test with some KARE 11 staff members.

"Well, It said 190. 5'8" and 190. On a lot of doctor's charts I'm bordering on obese," said Tim McNiff when he stepped off our scale.

When you watch Tim on KARE 11 Sunrise, you probably don't consider him overweight, but like many other employees here, he was interested in dropping some pounds.

In all we rounded up nearly 30 employees who wanted to shed some lbs. Weasked what motivates them, money or camaraderie, and then split them into groups.

The money folks will compete for a pool of cash that they each pitched in to. The goal? Lose 4% of your weight over the next four weeks.

Those who chose camaraderie will try to motivate each other to just lose as much weight as they can.

"I think knowing other people are counting on me will increase my motivation," said Jessica Petron who works in sales.

There is no set diet or exercise program, but we did get them some expert advice on both topics to help jump start the process.

"If you're doing four weeks, I would advise you not to cheat," jokes personal trainer Tim Kilow with Calhoun Beach Club.

Over the four-week span we are documenting their progress. We'll find out what works and who is most motivated. We'll even explore the psychology behind weight loss.

Check back with should be interesting!

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