FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn.-- Kathleen Lockwood from Plymouthwas the runner-upin this year'sMinnesota State FairGhirardelliChocolate Championship.

She stopped by the KARE Barn today to share her recipe for"Ghirardelli Dipped Marshmallow Squares".

Ghirardelli Dipped Marshmallow Squares

12 graham crackers
12 marshmallows
2 bags Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate baking chips
12 wood craft sticks or lollipop sticks
1 bag of Ghirardelli White chocolate baking chips (optional)
Colored Sprinkles (optional)

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total time: 60 minutes. Yield 12 servings

You will need a small deep glass bowl about 6" wide, 2 cookie sheets covered with wax paper or plastic wrap, tongs, scraper or spoon and a microwave.

Directions: Break graham crackers in half. Place 1 cracker in the microwave with 1 marshmallow on top, lying on its side in the middle of the cracker. On high, cook for 8-9 seconds remove carefully. With stick flatten and spread marshmallow evenly on cracker. Place the stick in the center hanging out the bottom end. Place other half of cracker on top and place on cookie sheet. Repeat until all 12 Squares are done. Let Squares set for 10 minutes. Melt milk chocolate in glass bowl according to package directions. Once chocolate is melted, take each cracker and place stick side up down into chocolate while gently holding stick. Spoon the chocolate over the cracker. Rotate bowl making sure to get all sides of cracker covered. Do not use stick to rotate cracker. You may loosen the marshmallow. Place chocolate covered Squares back on to covered cookie sheet. Repeat process until all Squares are complete. Let them sit for 30 minutes in very cool place. You can refrigerate for 10-15 minutes to set chocolate. Decorate with melted white chocolate and sprinkles. For individual gifts, place in cellophane bags and tie with colored ribbon.

--Recipe by Kathleen Lockwood, Runner Up, 2012 Minnesota State Fair, Ghirardelli Chocolate Championship

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