LOS ANGELES - Minnesota Senator Al Franken getting some campaign cash help from a former comedic pal.

Late-night funny man Conan O'Brien israffling off a brunch at his Los Angeles home to help Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

The event is set for April 7th.

O'Brien also sent an e-mail to Franken's supporters about the raffle, adding: "Please don't steal any silverware."

According to Franken's web site, you have to donate at least five dollars to be entered in the drawing.

The winner will receive airfare to L.A., hotel accommodations and a picture with Senator Franken and O'Brien.

The money raised will go towards Franken's re-election effort in 2014.

O'Brien worked with Franken as a writer on Saturday Night Live in the early 1980s and 90s

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