GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It's time to head to the cabin for the Summer with Memorial Day weekend upon us.

Madden's Resortin Brainerd has a meal you can cook over the campfire, along with s'mores that go beyond just the marshmallow, chocolate and the graham cracker.

Target also provides affordable toys you can play with the family.

Below is the recipe for the Dutch Oven Pork Roast cooked up by Madden's:
- Get your fire going until there are plenty of charcoals to slow cook
- Set your dutch oven onto a cooking grate
- Prepare the following for the dutch oven:
o 1-2 or 3 lb Pork roast, preferably Boston Butt
o ½ cup olive oil
o 2 large Yellow onions
o 4 large carrots, chop into 1 inch pieces
o 12-14 large mushrooms, quartered
o 2 celery stalks, chop into 1 inch pieces
o 6 red potatoes
o Salt, pepper and seasoned salt
o Bay leaf
o Black peppercorns
o Whole garlic cloves
o Chicken stalk, 1 cup
o 1-2 dark beers, preferably stout, could also use red wine
- Run and season your pork with the salt, pepper, and seasoned salt
- Heat your oil in the dutch oven
- Brown the pork roast and onions
- When roast is very brown, add in remaining vegetables, DO NOT place fat side down
- Add bay leaf, peppercorn and whole garlic cloves
- Cover with chicken stock and beer
- Place the top on the dutch oven and cook for 2.5-3 hrs or until internal temp is 180

Can be served as is or can shred the pork for sandwiches or tacos

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