MINNEAPOLIS - Get this straight: No sushi. Zen Box, downtown's newest Japanese restaurant forgoes the food hipsters' status symbol in favor of the lunch-counter comfort foods of Nippon. Executive Chef, Junji Umezu is in the kitchen with us today to share one of Zen Box's recipes.

Fresh mussels 1 lb
Miso paste 1 TB
Garlic butter 2 TB
Mirin (rice wine syrup) 2 TB
Sake 1/4 cup
Sea salt to taste
Green onion to garnish
shiso(perilla) chopped to garnish

1) Clean and de-beard mussels, then soak in cold water for ten minutes.
2) Heat a saute pan, add garlic butter.
3) Saute mussels for one minute, add remaining liquid ingredients and cover
4) Let steam for two minutes until mussels are opened.
5) swirl the pan making sure to dissolve miso in to sauce
6) Plate, top with green onion, sea salt and shiso
7) Serve immediately with grilled bread(optional)

For information about the Zen Box restaurant, visit

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