MINNEAPOLIS -- Occupy Minnesota protestors are gearing up for winter.

Some tried to build a shelter Sunday afternoon with wood but security quickly stopped it from going up.

As protestors in Minneapolis endured the cold wind Occupy Saint Paul started to heat up. The group met for the first time Sunday. There was talk about possibly staking out at the Capitol.

Nathan Jewett, with Occupy Saint Paul, said they have already talked to Capitol security but are considering all their options before declaring their spot. Right now the group has no timeline for their occupation.

"We believe occupy is a consciousness not just a physical location," he said.

The Occupy movement has hit at least half a dozen cities across Minnesota in just one month, including cities like Duluth, St Cloud and Rochester.

But standing in solidarity will get difficult as winter moves in. In Hennepin County officials have told protestors that if it gets under 25 degrees they can no longer sleep out in the plaza. Some say instead of sleeping they will come stand outside in shifts throughout the night.

World-famous Arctic explorer and Minnesota native Ann Bancroft seems to be joining the movement. Bancroft is expected to teach protestors winter survival skills Thursday evening in the Hennepin County Government Plaza.

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