MINNEAPOLIS -- Officials are urging caution in what's already been a deadly deer hunting season for Minnesota hunters.

So far this year, four people have died in hunting-related accidents in Minnesota.That compares to two deaths and 29 incidents overall last year, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

"It's always a noticeable event for us," said Dr. Steve Sterner with Hennepin County Medical Center.

Sterner says his hospital treated four people with serious hunting-related injuries last weekend alone.

According toofficials, the injuries range from cuts from knives, to back strains caused by dragging a deer through thewoods, to firearm wounds.

But experts say most injuries stem from falling from deer stands. They urge people to use their equipment properly.

"Not climbing in and out of their deer stands with loaded weapons with chambered rounds and so on. And then using safety harnesses and ropes," Sterner said.

For more advice on how to stay safe during the deer hunting season, you can check out a new HCMC website, at: