WOODBURY, Minn. -- As switches were flipped into the "on" position on the control board at East Ridge High School's state-of-the-art TV studio, corresponding lights came to life.

"I'm very technically oriented. I like to get hands-on and work with tech", says Pierce Jensen, who has a well-earned reputation at East Ridge for his skill set.

Just three years old, East Ridge had some issues when it first opened. Lucky for them, they had Pierce.

"Things like the bells not working, the announcements were coming out all garbled", says Pierce. "Teachers had a lot of connectivity issues with their smart boards."

So, Pierce went to work.

Pierce did so much work with the school's smart boards that a local TV station used that as cover to have a reporter pose as a district rep. in need of training, and Pierce was only too willing to lend-a-hand.

Reporter: "Wait a minute, this is a smart board? I actually needed help with a white board. Can you help me with a white board? Specifically, this kind of white board, the kind of white board that has a check with your name on it for $111.00 dollars as a KARE-11Academic All-Star? Do you know anything about that?

Pierce: "Ah, no."

Reporter: "Well, let's fill you in!"

Carrying a 3.9 GPA, Pierce is a three-year captain of the school robotics team, a member of the science Olympiad team, plays the tenor sax in the marching and conference honors band, and has won awards for his lighting in theatre.

"I'm planning on double majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering for college, and I will be mentoring the teams in the area of the college that I plan on going to," Pierce says.

Pierce has applied for early action at two schools and has already been accepted at one of them.

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