GREEN BAY, Wis. - If you're a serious Packer fan, living in Plymouth, Minnesota just isn't close enough to the motherland.

How else can you explain Paul Hillen, a brother and sisterpooling their money to buy a house across from Lambeau field?

The siblings bought a home directly across from the stadium's new atrium, and knocked down the old structure. In it's place the Hillen crew put up a custom Packer house that they stay in for nearly every Packer home game.

There are urinals in the garage, ten plasma televisions, and a huge deck shaped like a football with a stone "G" set in it. Oh, and if you tried to count all the "G's" included in the wall decor, it is very likely your head would explode.

Randy Shaver and Julie Nelson stopped by to visit the Hillen's for a personal tour.