GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.-- This morningExecutive Chef Seth Teiken from Pazzluna joined us to talk about the restaurant's upcoming New Year's Eve dinner. He also shared one of the fish dishes featured in the event.

Crab Stuffed Trout Recipe


5 ounces trout fit steelhead
1 oz mayonnaise
2 ounces super lump crab
1 tbl grated parmesan cheese
1 tbl pine nuts
1 oz small diced red bell pepper
1 tbl chopped fresh basil
1 tbl chopped Italian parsley
1 tbl Japanese bread crumbs
1 oz Almond Pesto Batch
4 fl oz white kitchen wine
1 fl oz heavy cream
1 tbl small diced peeled shallots
2 onces unsalted butter
1 tsp to taste kosher salt
1 tsp to taste black peppercorn

1. Using a small mixing bowl combine the mayo, red bell pepper, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, basil, parsley, and breadcrumbs. Fold the crab meat into the mixture and season with S&P.

2. Make a slit half way down the middle of the fish length wise and stuff the filling inside the slit. Season with S&P and place on a pan sprayed with pan release. Place in 375 degree oven until cooked through.

3. While the fish is cooking, combine the shallots and wine and begin to reduce in a small sauté pan overmedium heat.

4. Once the wine has almost been reduced by 3/4, add the cream and bring back to a boil. Remove pan from heat and let sit for a minute.

5. Slowly whisk the butter into the wine cream reduction until all butter is emulsified into the sauce.

6. Whisk the pesto into the sauce, check and adjust seasoning if needed.

7. Using a warm plate, place a pool of sauce in the center of the plate and place the fish in the sauce.