MINNEAPOLIS - February is a great time to re-pot your houseplants that need it. The growth has slowed due to the shortened day length which will help to reduce the stress on the plant. The reasons to re-pot include: the plant is becoming relatively large for the container, excessively pot-bound with the roots wrapping around the base. If the plant needs frequent watering to keep up the moisture needs, you might also notice that the leaves are getting smaller or it is not flowering as much as it did.

During re-potting, gently tease apart the excessively pot-bound roots. Bobby suggests that you cut the roots at the bottom of your root-bound plants and loosen them up. If you suspect poor water quality has led to changes in soil pH or other properties, gently shake out some of the old soil and replace it with new soil during re-potting. Make sure you use good potting soil and the new pot should be around two inches larger all around the current size of the plant.

Make sure you do not bury your plant; the top of the plant in the old pot should be the top of the plant in the new pot.

Good Luck,
Belinda & Bobby

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