MINNEAPOLIS - Police say Champions Sports Bar, at the corner of Lake Street and Blaisdell Avenue, is a hub for trouble.

"We have had a number of aggravated assaults, criminal sexual conduct and some robberies," said Fifth Precinct Inspector Matt Clark.

Since January of 2011 Minneapolis police have been called to Champions 214 times, a dozen of those were for drugs.

On Monday,InspectorClark announced theHennepin County attorney had charged 14 people in connection with drug dealing in or around Champions.

The Fifth Precinct conducted an undercover investigation at Championsfrom September 2011 to early January 2012.

Authorities said undercover officers bought drugs inside the bar on five occasions. Seven purchases allegedly started on bar property but were finished elsewhere. Police said six drug deals were made at bus stops and surrounding sidewalks.

In one case an officer reported two dealers tried to outbid one another for an undercover officer's business.

Police also investigated one incident of someone smoking marijuana on the bar patio.

In all, officers made 19 undercover drug deals.

At least four of the people charged have previousnarcoticsarrests on their record.

Police said their workatChampions isn't over because the longer drug activity goes the more dangerous the corner becomes for everyone who passes it or lives nearby.

"I think there is a direct link between drug dealing that occurs in a specific area and violent crime and we saw that connection and that is why we moved in with visible enforcement and undercover work," Clark said.