MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minneapolis City Council committee passed a proposal Thursday that would allow urban farmers to sell their produce.

They would only be able to sell 15 days out of the year and, among other things, must notify neighbors.

Under current law, these gardeners are not able to grow produce and sell it.

The entire city council will vote on the measure next Friday, March 30. It's a small step towards making urban farming more acceptable in the city said supporters of the proposal.

"I think overall the neighbors are happy to see something happen here," said California Street Farm's Jillia Pessenda.

Pessenda, along with her husband, Jim Bovino, are in charge of an acre plot of land in Northeast Minneapolis at the corner of 22nd Ave. NE and California Street.

They planto grow just about everything you can imagine and sell it to local restaurants. They also want to be able to sell to everybody else and plan to do so if the measure gets enoughvotes to pass.

"I think if every neighborhood has a little farm, it would make a big difference in terms of people's quality of life, quality of neighborhoods, certainly cut down on people's expenses and we just get that much more independent," said Bovino.

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