MINNEAPOLIS - To hear the story from the one who lived it is unsettling.

Matthew Collie was walking near Marquette and 9th Street in Downtown Minneapolis last Saturday night heading to Hell's Kitchen for a concert.

He had just gone to the TCF ATM on Marquette and was in front of the W Hotel when he said everything went dark.

"I was walking on the sidewalk and then the next moment I was on the sidewalk. Totally disoriented, I didn't know who had come up and hit me," Collie said Wednesday recalling the moment he was jumped from behind.

For a few seconds Collie was out cold. He says he came to when security guards from the W and Manny's Steakhouse rushed to help.

"They were the ones who told me I was punched, I didn't even know initially," Collie said.

Collie was the second victim on that block last Saturday of a random assault. It wastheeighthsuch attack in Downtown Minneapolis in a little more than two months.

Police say they are victims of a very popular crime these days; groups of young people attacking at random.

"Four to five people branch off from a large group and have attacked unsuspecting victims," Minneapolis Police Sergeant Steve McCarty said of the crimes.

In some cases the victims are robbed but in others, like in Collie's case, nothing was taken from him and he never even saw who knocked him out.

On the street they are often called a flash mob attacks and McCarty says they are happening everywhere.

"Keep in mind this is not exclusive to Minneapolis, this is happening all over the country."

Minneapolis Police say they will respond with more police presence downtown and with a stricter curfew.

Sgt. McCarty says many of the people suspected for these assaults are teenagers.

In addition to more officers, police say they are working with private security agents' downtown and plan to monitor the surveillance cameras of area businesses.

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