OMAHA, Neb. - More than a dozen possible tornadoes have been reported in the central and southern Plains as severe storms barrel through the region. There has been some damage.

Most of the twister reports come from Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Some areas have been hit with large, damaging hail.

Forecasters are warning residents in the nation's midsection to brace for more "life-threatening" weather.

The most dangerous weather is expected to come later, and National Weather Service officials have issued a stern warning for residents to prepare for overnight storms that could spawn fast-moving tornadoes. Officials say a large area could be at risk.

Storms that hit during the overnight hours can be more dangerous, as residents may not be able to hear tornado sirens in their sleep or aren't monitoring news services as closely. When it's dark, it's also more difficult for weather spotters to clearly see funnel clouds or tornadoes.

Bill Bunting, chief of operations at the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center, says severe weather is possible again tomorrow from east Texas and Arkansas up into the Great Lakes.

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