ROSEMOUNT, Minn. -- Bennett Olson lost his job at Treasure Island Casino in March. He's been looking for a new one ever since. After sending out resume after resume with no response he came up with a new plan.

"I was just trying to think of ideas to set myself apart from other people and to get myself out there and maybe catch the attention of somebody," Olson said.

To catch people's attention Olson put his face on a billboard on 35-W near downtown Minneapolis. The $300, 8 second spot was up for 24 hours last week and rotated between other ads. It was hard to miss his smiling face and two simple words: "hire me."

"The goal was to get attention to then connect with people that could then lead me to a job," he said.

Landing a job remains super competitive. The unemployment rate in Minnesota shot up a tenth of a percent this month to 5.8%.

With so many people looking for jobs Olson hopes his billboard sets him apart.

"I'm getting married this fall so it would be nice have a job before then and get that all settled in," he said.

While he hasn't gotten a job offer yet he says he does have lots of leads. In fact, he got an email from the vice president of a laser tech company who says he wants to talk.

The 22-year-old is working on his business degree and says this real life lesson has taught him the importance of strong marketing.

"The attention after the billboard has been the greatest part of the investment," he said.

Olson hopes the investment pays off soon.

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