GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Motivation Monday's Chris Freytag knows how to eat well without blowing her daily calorie count. It's called "swapportunity".

On KARE 11 Sunrise, Chris unveiled three of her top swaps for guilty pleasures that can sink any diet.

Ice cream: Chris uses a product called Arctic Zero. It contains protein, and weighs in at about 150 calories a pint.

Love peanut butter? No problem. Chris swaps it for a product called PB2, which contain peanuts, but takes out the oil, leaving a product that contains 85% less fat. It's a powder you mix with water.

If pasta is your passion, Chris suggests NoOodles, which is made from glucomannan flour, a plant-based soluble fiber with no calories.

Learn more about swapportunities on Chris'sblog.

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