ST. PAUL, Minn -- Ryan Benesch of the Minnesota Swarm knows how to have his way on the lacrosse field.

He also knows his way around the kitchen. While Lacrosse is still his bread and butter, cooking is what brought local fans to his apartment tonight. They won an auction last weekend to have dinner with Benesch and some of his teammates at their apartment in St. Paul catered and cooked by them.

"This is going to be great," says Mert Horn. "It was a surprise that we won."

In the end everyone wins. Fans get to hang with their favorite players and the winning bid of $900 goes to the Randy Shaver cancer research fund.

"A way to raise extra money for cancer research," says Benesch. "Cancer has affected my family and its something that we need to find a cure for and any little bit of money will help."

Food, fun and maybe a future career, not a bad night for charity.