ST. PAUL, Minn. - A group of St. Paul students got to speak to an astronaut at the International Space Station Monday.

The kids from Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet Middle school used a HAM radio to talk to astronaut Don Pettit.

To prepare for this, they've been tracking the ISS and learning about the people on board.

Armed with that knowledge, they fired off questions during the 10 minute window for communication while the space station was almost directly above St. Paul.

"I asked if they had any fresh food on the ISS or was it all dried?" said Mariah Del Castillo. Pettit told her it was mostly dry, preserved food, but they occasionally get fresh food.

Ryan Yang asked "When do you sleep and is it different from sleeping on earth?"

Pettit replied that it's quite different since he has to be strapped in.

Members of the Polk County HAM radio club made this opportunity possible for the students.