MINNEAPOLIS - Evidence used in the Amy Senser trialwas made available to the media for the first time on Monday.

Senser was convicted last Thursday of two felonies in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed Anousone Phanthavong of Roseville.

Photos of Senser's damaged SUV were among the trial exhibits available for viewing. The photos show damage to the front passenger side corner of the SUV.

Senser testified that she never saw Phanthavong when she hit him on an Interstate 94 exit ramp in Minneapolis last August. The wife of former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser told the jury she thought she had hit a construction barrel or pothole.

The jury found Senser guilty of two counts of criminal vehicular homicide: leaving the scene of an accident and failure to promptly report an accident. Senser was acquitted on a third felony charge of gross negligence.

Senser will remain free until sentencing on July 9.