MINNEAPOLIS - One step into a coffee shop and the plugged-in, multi-media connectedness of the place may give you more of a buzz than that cup of Joe.

Email replying, Facebook status updating and tweeting are all just part of an afternoon of working while sipping coffee.

"When something happens we can receive, a call, a text or an email," explained Liz Shaffer-Wishner, her job requires her to be plugged-in while she's off the clock.

"And then my work pays for my cell phone," said Cally Ingebritson "Because I'm always supposed to be accessible by cell phone."

The phone, the laptop, the tablet, i-this or i-that, most of us are more connected than ever before, which can be the cause of confusion when it's time to decide when to work or when to play.

"I think we're sort of in the eye of the storm," said University of St. Thomas' Dr. Carol Bruess. "The fact that the majority of working adults talk about their new morning ritual which is checking their email and the last thing they do before bed is check their email, we're in the middle of trying to figure out what is our new reality."

The Mayo Clinic offers a reality check and tips for a more balanced work-life relationship.

First, keep track of the hours you worked for a week. It's recommended that you document and count the minutes to help you decide what is absolutely necessary and what is not needed.

Secondly, learn how to say "no." It's okay to respectfully decline if you're already overwhelmed.

Third, don't be afraid to ask for help,especially at times when work and life conflicts.

"I think it just requires some personal commitment to create that separation so we can be as plugged in as we like," explained Shaffer-Wishner

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