DULUTH, Minn. -Most mornings a bicycle commuter willtell you that cars are the biggest threat to their well-being.

But things got a bit wilder for Duluth's Jane Martin late last week as she pedaled to work. Martin makes the early-morning commute from Duluth Heights to Essentia Health St. Mary's Medical Center on most good-weather days.

She told the Duluth News Tribune she was approaching the area near the Minnesota Department of Transportation grounds when she saw a deer crossing the four lanes of Central Entrance ahead of her from left to right.

"I saw it coming from the other side in front of a car," said the 53-year-oldMartin. "I was slowing down."

After crossing theroad and being rebuffed by a high concrete wall, the deer bounded back into the street, headed back from where it had come.

That included getting past Martin, with a move that left the bicycle commuter scratching her head.

"She just jumped over me," Martin told the News Tribune, "over my front tire and handlebars. She caught me on my left arm. I have this bruise to prove it."

Martin thinks the doe brushed her on the arm with its left rear hoof before running off.

"I definitely felt it," she said. "But afterward, I thought, 'Did it really hit me?' When I saw the bruise the next day, I thought, 'Oh, yeah. It did hit me.'"

Martin hasn't had any other close calls in the time she's been commuting by bike but she has seen lots of deer, and will likely look at the differently.


With information from the Duluth News Tribune/

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