MINNEAPOLIS --Minnesotans are inventive, we always knew that, but they proved it to Bobby andme this spring! We posted a question onthe KARE 11 Facebook page a few weeks back asking if you had any Minnesota-created garden items and you responded!

We had to narrow it down but we decided on six items that you might not be able to live without!

Sylva Soil feeds the soil's microorganisms and allow same organisms to release nutrients in the soil for the plants to utilize. Active microorganisms also increase soil porosity, as they feed on the organic matter their movement loosens the soil creating openings for better plant root penetration and water absorption.

You can get Sylva Soil at the following retailers:

  • Bachman's Inc. (Minneapolis)
  • Beberg Landscape Nursery (Andover)
  • Dundee Nursery (Plymouth)
  • Hedberg Aggregates, Inc (Plymouth)
  • Pahl's Market Inc (Apple Valley)
  • Timberwall Landscaping, Inc (Victoria)

• The Garden Rocker and Garden Rocker Rolling Seat were designed andare manufactured here in Minnesota. It has several features:

  • The ergonomic design offers sitting support and eases the pressure on the lower back and knees.
  • The curved base allow you to lean and reach without straining your body.
  • You can turn in a complete circle will using the seat.
  • You can add the soft cushion to increase the comfort of the Garden Rocker Seat or Garden Rocker and Rolling seat.
  • The unique design of the tires still allows you to lean and reach just like the original rocker but adds wheels.
  • They are available at Lowes and CVS and through the Vertex Website.

    Here are the three we highlighted on May 18th and 19th on Grow with KARE:

• TheLittle Acre is a great compact garden that works whether you live on five acres or on the fifth floor. It is easy to get started on a garden. It was the brain child of Cindy McDonnell of Wayzata, a self-described "frustrated, lazy gardener and somewhat of a health nut." It's basically a giant garden bag that you fill and plant. No tools, no mess, no tilling is needed and, best of all, no weeds!

• TheAqua Oasis water reservoir growing system was invented by a couple from Apple Valley. It really solves so many problems that gardeners have with their pots and water issues. Too much, too little; not a problem when you use this bucket system that allows you to reserve water in the bottom which will be wicked to the plant's roots when needed.

• TheRot-Not was created by a gal from Green Isle that planted acres of veggies but ended up with mushy messes and knew that she wasn't alone. This recycled plastic elevated tray serves as a perfect home for your squash, melons, zucchini, gourds and pumpkins as they grow in your garden.

Thanks for all of your input and help with this segment!

Belinda & Bobby