MINNEAPOLIS - A 34-year-old man is charged with first degree aggravated robbery after Minneapolis police say he held up a conceal and carry permit holder with his own gun.

Investigators say it happened May 21 during a street robbery in the Third Precinct. The Minneapolis Police Facebook Page reports that the victim, an adult male, was walking home near 31st Street East and 3rd Avenue South when a man walking the other way suddenly slammed him into a parked car.

The victim told officers that hitting the car injured his arm and he was unable to defend himself. As the suspect,34-year-old Willie Merriweather, searched the man he found the pistol, held it to the victim's head and demanded the rest of his valuables. The man lost his gun and wallet in the robbery.

After receiving a 911 call responding officers saw a man matching the suspect description walking near the crime scene. When Merriweather saw the officers he tried to flee but was caught and taken into custody.

Police say he is a convicted felon with numerous aliases.

The victim's handgun was not recovered.