MINNEAPOLIS - A judge denieda motion for an acquittal or new trial in the Amy Senser hit-and-run death case.

Senser is scheduled for sentencing July 9 after a jury found her guiltyof criminal vehicular homicide in the death of Anousone Phanthavong.

Defense attorney, Eric Nelson,and Senser appeared in court Thursday afternoon to try and convince Judge Daniel Mabley to either overturna jury's conviction andacquit her, or order a new trial.

At the heart of Nelson's argumentwashis assertion that the jurors received confusing andincorrect jury instructions before deliberating. He also maintained that the state's highly circumstantial case did not have enough solid evidence to result in a conviction.

Prosecutors countered by saying that the jury instructions were proper and clearly outlined that Senser should have stopped if she knew she'd hit a person or car. They also stated that the evidence supports the verdict and proves that Amy Senser should have known she hit something, given the damage to her own vehicle and the sounds of the crash itself.

Outside of the courtroom, after the motion was denied, Nelson said he will appeal after the July sentencing.

Senser is the wife of former Minnesota Vikings player Joe Senser.