GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Got skin allergies? There's now an app for that.

Doctors at Mayo Clinic have teamed up with Minneapolis based Preventice to develop an app to track your allergies and create a safe skin shopping list.

Dr. Drew Palin, with Preventice.. a mobile health technologies and remote patient monitoring systems company, visited KARE 11 Sunrise to show us how it works.

It's called CARD, (Contact Allergen Replacement Database) the mobile app for people with skin allergies, or those who want to limit their use of chemicals.

CARD is a database of skin care products listed based on ingredients that can help you avoid a product that contains your allergen. Its services are for those who suffer from irritant or allergic contact dermatitis.

As people use more chemical products in the summer, such as sunscreen and bug spray, they increase their chances of allergic reaction from the chemicals and fragrances (85 percent of sunscreens contain ingredients that are known skin irritants).

The CARD app helps people shop for products (including cosmetics) that have been deemed safe by dermatologists at Mayo Clinic. The app even provides personalized shopping lists and sends you updates if products that you're using undergo a product formulation change that makes them an unsafe choice for you.

Key features of CARD:

  • Browse the world's largest database of skincare products that are free of chemicals and fragrances that trigger allergic skin reactions.
  • Search for specific products by name, product category, or by manufacturer.
  • Search for products by specific ingredients.
  • Create shopping lists of your personal favorites.
  • Journal about allergic reactions and send information to your dermatologist or physician.
  • Create a personalized version of CARD based on your individual skin allergies (if you've been patch tested by a dermatologist or other physician).