MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Dorm rooms across the country are filling up with students and their stuff, and the cost of all of those items adds up.

The National Retail Federation figured the average student spends about $900 on everything from comforters to coffee mugs to prepare for their college career.

KARE 11 headed to the University of Minnesota's Comstock Hall to meet up with a mother-daughter duo who outfitted a room for a lot less.

Teresa DeJarlais and her daughter Rachel did most of the heavily lifting and within hours turned a dingy dorm room from drab to fab.

The pair started by bringing in doors and shutters. A typical room does not allow holes or things to be pinned to the walls so the doors are easily used in place of the wall.

"We brought in two full size doors and used them for mounting mirrors and jewelry racks," explained DeJarlais. "We wanted to bring pieces in that would give a lot of display and organization space and look good at the same time."

From the beds to the small wash area to the desk, the duo decked out the room at a cost of $360, less than $200 per person.

DeJarlais owns "The Porch," a vintage-style shop in Buffalo. You can follow the latest on her blog at

Below is a list of their expenses:

  • Chair with IKEA slipcover $30 with IKEA slipcover (cost of one-two would be $60) $30
  • Bead board door with six clips $24
  • Door $10
  • Headboard behind daybed $20
  • Shutters $10
  • Hanging lampshade light $8/with added prisms $20
  • Round/gold mirror mounted on one door $19
  • Suitcases for storage (under daybed) $6
  • Framed magazine prints $7
  • Large stretched canvas (behind daybed) covered with canvas drop cloth/tacks $12
  • Fabric for curtain & tension rod in sink area $12
  • Hook rack (holding jewelry/scarves) $6
  • White footstool/bench under daybed $6
  • Chalkboard in white frame $12
  • Cotton bedcover $10
  • Hatbox white/gold $9
  • Turquoise shelf stand by bed $8
  • Glass lamp on desk/fabric covered shade $9
  • Sunburst mirror over second bed $8
  • Dressing mirror mounted on door (Target) $5.
  • Blue drawer on ledge (holds file folders etc) $4
  • Skinny white shutter $4
  • Contact paper for desktop $3.99
  • Mason jar for pens $3
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