MINNEAPOLIS - Just one year after the dedication of a newly renovated Victory Memorial Drive in Minneapolis, someone has defaced one of its monuments with graffiti.

The granite monument which sits at the entrance to the parkway at Humboldt and Victory Memorial Drive was sprayed with red spray paint Friday night.

Bill Ely, an air force veteran, discovered the graffiti this morning while walking his dog.

He's upset that someone would do something like this to a Minneapolis landmark that pays tribute to over 500 soldiers lost during World War One.

Ely said, "It kind of hit me in the gut a little bit."

Because the spray paint is red, Ely wonders if the tagger was making a political statement, misspelling W. Bush. But a home two blocks away and a park building near Webber Park were also tagged with just the letter W.

Ely said, "Regardless of what he's trying to say, he's desecrated a veterans memorial that honors the 568 residents that gave their lives during World War I and that's not a good thing."

Minneapolis Park Police said park maintenance will likely clean up the graffiti within the next few days.

At this point, police have no suspects.

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