MINNEAPOLIS - Major League Baseball plans to make a major announcement Wednesday and all of the heavy hitters will be in town.

MLB Commissioner Allan (Bud) Selig along with Twins owner Jim Pohlad and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and others will be at a news conference at Target Field at 4:00pmWed., Aug. 29, 2012.

The Twins pitched to host the league's All-Star game four years ago, when Target Field was just a glimmer in a batter's eye.

While officials will not confirm the event is headed to Minneapolis, Gluek's Restaurant and Bar owner Lee Holcomb said it's a done deal.

"It is, I think it's been on ESPN and going across the screen," smiled Holcomb.

He has every reason to be happy about the potential decision, an event like the All-Star game will more than double business.

"I'd say triple or quadruple at a normal midweek event," said Holcomb.

He's not alone, sandwich shops, taxis, and hotels will not see just a blip in business, it's a grand slam.

601 Graves Hotel officials saythe event will guarantee 255 rooms will be booked for three days straight.

The last All-Star game the city hosted was in 1985, before that 1965 at Metropolitan Stadium, there is little doubt it's overdue.

"It's huge, good for the state," said Holcomb. "It's just good publicity for the state because downtown is a nice place to be and I think it really helps the image of downtown Minneapolis."

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